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IM Lock 2011.4

It blocks access to user-defined websites, programs or system-specific tasks
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IM Lock is a utility which purpose is to help you block access to user-defined websites, programs or system-specific tasks.
After installing the utility, you will be asked to create a password. After logging in, you will have access to the user interface, which is easy to browse through. The main section can be considered the "blocking" section, where a list of blocking options is available. In theory, you can block websites from being accessed, programs and system functions from running and a few other process categories from being used, such as chat, peer to peer, explicit content or downloading. It appears that the "website blocking" option works for certain browsers only for the websites suggested by default by the application.

Websites suggested by you will not be blocked for example on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, but they will be blocked on Internet Explorer. There are other options also that will only be considered by the application in a selective manner. For example, the "block browsers" option will not apply to Google Chrome. Other options don't seem to work at all, such as "block task manager", which is listed in the "system blocking" menu. The "program blocking" option appears to work properly however.

IM Lock is a piece of software that can help you block certain processes from running on your computer, such as accessing certain websites or using system functions and custom defined utilities. The concept is indeed useful, however the utility fails to offer what it promises where several features are concerned.

Margie Smeer
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  • Access to websites, utilities and system functions can be blocked
  • Intuitive user-interface


  • Several options do not appear to work (e.g., "block games", "block chat", "block task manager"), while others work in a selective manner (e.g., "website blocking" only works for certain browsers)
  • You will not always be notified of blocked access, even when the "show notifications" option is checked
  • Although the user interface is multilingual, the menu is not completely translated for all the available languages
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